Advanced Technician
for automation and mechatronic systems


Edition 2020-2022 Rif. PA 2020-14412/RER
Edition 2019-2021 Rif. PA 2019-12304/RER

Advanced Technician
for automation and mechatronic systems


Edition 2020-2022 Rif. PA 2020-14412/RER
Edition 2019-2021 Rif. PA 2019-12304/RER

Occupational field

Advanced Technicians in this sector are part of the mechanical, mechatronic and automation companies, in which they operate in mechanical assembly, electrical wiring and testing, but also manage the design of mechanical parts, electrical motherboards and software for operating machines.

Professional profile

Advanced Technicians for automation and mechatronic systems work to create, integrate, control machines, plants and automatic systems. They use interface devices between the controlled machines and the programmable devices that control them. Their roles include programming and functional testing, ensuring customization and production flexibility, carried out via simulation techniques and rapid prototyping of both the control system and the physical machine.

Employment opportunities

You may work in Mechanical assembly - Electrical assembly - Mechanical testing - Electrical testing - Planning / design - Technical office - Electromechanical editing – Posted worker

Course venue

Fondazione ITS MAKER: Rimini Via IV Novembre 37 - 47921 Rimini +39 0541 352771


2,000 hours of which 800 hours of internship

Work Experience in Europe

The course offers the opportunity to spend periods abroad both as a curricular activity (internship) and as an extracurricular activity (in summer and outside the hours of the course).

The lectures

The majority of teaching is entrusted to professionals who come from real working environments. Company technicians specialized in the sectors of mechanics and international sales intervene from the planning stage of the teaching programs and support students in classroom activities, internship and project works in the company.


The percentage of ITS MAKER graduates who are presently in employment and work with companies in roles consistent with their profile.



  • The two-year course offers a place for 22 secondary/high school graduates, preferably in possession of a technical and scientific diploma.
  • It is divided into four semesters for a total of 2,000 hours, of which 800 hours of internship/project work in one of the most important companies and industries in the following sectors: mechatronic, hydraulic, electrotechnical and automation, motor engineering.
  • The induction phase includes refresher courses in technical drawing and mechanical drawing reading, chemical composition of materials, mechanical technology, mathematics and English.
  • Attendance is compulsory with a minimum participation of 80% of the total number of hours.
  • The course is free except for an admission fee of 200 euros.
  • The course is strongly oriented towards attaining know-how and professional development.
  • There is a focus on practical-laboratory teaching that involves alternating between theoretical lessons in the classroom and in companies, exercises and group work in laboratories with specialized software, visits, internship and project work in a company.

Specific info



  • Upon passing a final exam, a diploma of Advanced Technician for the innovation of mechanical processes and products (V level EQF) will be issued by the Ministry of Education (MIUR).
  • This diploma permits access to public exams and is recognised with University Training Credits. The EUROPASS certificate is also issued in Italian and English.
  • Upon passing the exam, the value of the course is equivalent to the period of internship required to participate in state exams in order to qualify to the professional level of Industrial Expert.