Higher Technician
for digital factory automation systems

Edition 2017-2019 Rif. PA 2017-7220/RER

Higher Technician
for digital factory automation systems

Edition 2017-2019 Rif. PA 2017-7220/RER


This type of figure can find employment in companies which make machines in the following phases:

  • electrical assembly, installation, software configuration, testing of cabling of the input/output devices and motion, configuration and testing of the communication network;
  • updating and configuration of the firmware of the devices fitted on the machine, and in the testing of the correct functioning of the machine / line,,liaising with the design office;
He/She may also be needed by the Client during the official final testing (FAT Factory Acceptance Test) to resolve possible problems (in support of the design). At the client’s premises to:
  • follow the start up and commissioning of the machine/line taking care of the final test of connections with the company’s information technology system, checking the integration of the machine/line with the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and/or the data collection system. (private Cloud / public Cloud).


The Higher Technician in the control systems of digital production plants manages the installation, configuration and in-company testing, commissioning and the start-up of individual machines or lines at the client’s premises. She/He is in charge of checking that the data is properly integrated in the company network and that the transfer of data to the Cloud takes place correctly. He/She deals with the subsequent updating and the management of IT components in the life cycle of the plant (hardware, software, interfaces, networks, protocols, etc.).


  • Digital service technical expert
  • Electric/electronic final tester
  • Final tester both at premises of the companies which make automatic machinery and at the premises of the clients themselves

    ITS MAKER Foundation:
    Bologna site

    Via S. Bassanelli 9/11 - 40129
    +39 051 4151911


    2.000 hours, 800 of which involve didactic work experience in a company.


    The course offers the possibility to do an internship abroad either as a curricular activity or as an extracurricular activity (during summer holidays and outside training course hours)

    Percentage of students who have successfully completed ITS MAKER courses and are currently employed in companies in relevant sectors, with roles that are coherent with the course profile.


    • the two-year training course is designed for 22 students with a secondary school diploma preferably of a technical or scientific nature.
    • It is divided in four semesters for a total of 2000 hours, 800 of which involve didactic internship/project work in leading packaging companies in the Bologna area.
    • Classes are held every day from Mondays to Fridays
    • Preliminary extracurricular re-alignment courses in mechanics, electronics and English and computer programming are organized taking into account the initial knowledge of participants admitted
    • Attendance is compulsory with a minimum participation of 80% of the total hours
    • The course is free of charge, apart from a 200 Euro admission fee
    • The course is heavily oriented to the “know-how” culture, to work and professional development
    • The focus is on a pratical, laboratory teaching methodology alternated with theoretical lessons in the classroom and in companies, practical tasks and group work in laboratories with specialist software.
    • Company visits and trips to the most important automation trade fairs in Italy are included.


    The majority of teaching is entrusted to professionals from the world of work. Experts from the sector and specialized company technicians constitute 75% of the faculty of the ITS Course in Bologna.


    Students who pass the final exam are issued with a Higher Level Technician diploma indicating the technological area of the national reference figure ( V level EQV) Higher Level Technician in Methods and technologies for the development of Software Systems

    In addition the EUROPASS certificate is issued in Italian and English language


    The ITS MAKER Foundation welcomes canditatures of teachers who would like to come forward on the basis of the call for trainers for the four sites of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia and Fornovo (PR).
    Teachers must have matured in the subjects relating to the course they are interested in at least:

    • Five years of experience, if from the working world,
    • Three years of teaching experience, if from the world of School, University and Professional Training