Who are our professional post-diploma courses for?

The two-year courses offered by ITS MAKER are post-diploma, free of charge courses aimed at secondary-school graduates, preferably in possession of a diploma in a technical or scientific area.

“What if I hold a different type of diploma?” No problem at all. The induction period of all our courses offers refresher programs in the basic subjects: all we demand is a little effort to attend them. You will get all you need to follow the curriculum of your course. Many students accomplished it successfully before you with no particular difficulties.

The features of our courses

  • Two-year duration (approx. 2,000 hours)
  • From the end of October to July (1st year) and from September to July (2nd year)
  • Full time (approx. 35 hours a week)
  • Compulsory attendance (minimum 80% of teaching hours)
  • Practical learning: more than 40% of the hours are devoted to educational internships in the most important companies in the mechanical, mechatronic, motor and automation sectors of Emilia-Romagna
  • Learning experiences abroad are available (internships, language courses)

ITS MAKER’S teaching programs are studies together with the companies to meet the needs of the job market

Specialization areas

ITS MAKER’s courses cover the most sought-after specialization areas to find employment in the best mechanic and mechatronic companies in Emilia-Romagna that foster innovation and technology transfer.

Practical, learning-by-doing programs whose 40% of teaching hours consists in internships in the most prominent companies in the industry.

Select your specialization area among the 5 available:



For those who wish to work in the world of motor engines in the most innovative enterprises of the motor valley.

Area cars and motorsFornovo

Motorsport Composite Materials and 3D Printing

Advanced Technicians in composite materials and 3D printing
Area cars and motorsModena

Endothermic, Hybrid and Electric Motors

Advanced Technician in endothermic, hybrid and electric motors



For those who are eager to look into the factory of the future, the digital transformation of production processes.


Area digital industry 4.0Reggio Emilia

Management of Industrial Processes

Advanced Technician in the management of industrial processes
Area digital industry 4.0Forlì

Industrial Processes

Advanced Technician in the management of the technological innovation of industrial processes
Area digital industry 4.0Bologna

Digital Enterprise

Advanced Technician in the digitalisation of manufacturing enterprises



For those who are interested in mechanical drawing, design, innovative materials and 3D printing.

Area design and materialsModena

Mechanical design and materials

Advanced Technician in mechanical design and materials
Area design and materialsPiacenza

Mechanical Design and Innovation

Advanced Technician in mechanical design and technological innovation of industrial processes



For those who are interested in automation systems, robotics and the most innovative industrial technologies.

Area automation and mechatronicsReggio Emilia

Mechatronic Systems

Advanced Technicians in mechatronic systems
Area automation and mechatronicsSassuolo

Ceramic production plants

Advanced Technician in the management of ceramic production processes and plants
Area automation and mechatronicsBologna

Automation and packaging

Advanced Technician in automation and packaging
Area automation and mechatronicsRimini

Automation and mechatronics

Advanced Technician in automation and mechatronics



For those who like working with domestic and foreign customers, and combining commercial and industrial skills.

Area sales engineerModena

Technical Commercial Management

Advanced Technician in international commercial management of products and services

Educational internships in member companies

More than 40% of course time is devoted to educational internships in the most important companies of the mechanic, mechatronic, motor and automation sectors in Emilia-Romagna.

A wide network, a concrete future.


Our curricula focus on practical-laboratory teaching, which involves

  • alternating theoretical lessons in the classroom and in the lab;
  • exercises, project working and group work with company experts;
  • visits in companies, conference attendance, experiences abroad;
  • at least two educational internships, for a total duration of 5 months.

The lessons

The majority of teaching is carried out by professionals from working environments: company technicians specialized in the sectors of mechanics, mechatronics, motors and industrial automation, together with teachers from the university and secondary schools, free-lancers, experts in communication, in languages and in many other subjects.

Many of them have been working with us for years and co-operating since the early stages of program planning. Some of them will support you, together with our tutors, in classroom and lab activities, project working and company internships.

Not only technical skills

Our courses will help you to grow up as a person. We work to strengthen our students’ skills of communication, teamwork, problem solving and organizational behavior. We offer an outdoor team building module.

We offer different learning experiences abroad (included in the enrolment fees!), in a variety of European countries, to strengthen your language skills and your independence. We also offer internships in European countries.

Our tutors will always support you for any learning issue. Coaches and specialized consultants will help you to identify and develop your attitudes and talents, and focus on your professional choices. During your experience with us you will be supported in your growth, from enrolment to employment.

The final exam and Diploma of Advanced Technician

At the end of the two-year period, the diploma of Advanced Technician (indicating the technological area) is issued by the Ministry of Education, upon successful completion of the final, official exam. The diploma is acknowledged in Italy and the EU. It is a 5th EQF (European Qualifications Framework) level (secondary school diplomas are level 4, university degrees are level 6).

The Advanced Technician diploma allows participants to access public exams and universities, with recognition of University Training Credits. ITS MAKER has set up agreements with different universities to allow students to enroll in a relevant BSc course (approximately from 80 to 110 credits, are acknowledged, amounting to one and a half academic year). With our diploma, the EUROPASS certificate is also issued in Italian and English.

Some Boards of Expert Technicians also a knowledge our diploma as a credit in order to enroll in the Board and qualify to the professional level of Expert Technician.