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Professional profile

The Advanced Technician in the management of industrial processes specializes in production processes. S/he defines the necessary resources and the production program, checks the availability of materials and integrates the internal production flow with the suppliers’ one.

S/he analyzes technical design specifications for product processing, check whether they are feasible and can be put into production, optimize the use of technologies and process configuration. S/he gathers and manages the data generated by different areas in the company by means of digital control systems in order to evaluate performance indicators, analyze industrial costs, the efficiency and the quality of the supply chain management.

Occupational fields

  • Mechanics
  • Mechatronics
  • Automation

Job positions

The Advanced Technician in the management of industrial processes is employed in the technical departments of process and product industrialization, in production and logistics planning departments, quality control activities.

S/he manages the operational processes of production, transportation, storage and distribution of materials by using Industry 4.0 digital technologies and the principles of continuous improvement. S/he manages the information flow from/to the supply chain.

To work as a

  • Production planning technician
  • Orders management technician
  • Process/product industrialization technician
  • Logistics technician
  • Integrated management systems technician
  • Production control technician
  • Quality and continuous improvement technician
  • Technician for the management of information flows in the company
Sbocchi occupazionali | Gestione dei processi industriali
Teamwork module

The program includes transversal skills modules concerning teamwork, organizational communication in the company, and the basics of leadership. These skills are fundamental to communicate and implement expertise in organizations.

Covid and teaching

ITS MAKER promptly adopted not only all necessary procedures for distance teaching, but also new solutions for lab practice, while also providing technical support for students who may be having difficulties with online classes.


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Management of Industrial Processes


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Automation and packaging


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Mechatronic Systems