To enroll on ITS MAKER courses it is necessary to pass the admission test of your chosen course following the indications established in the Admission announcement published on the website.

The course admission test involves sitting 3 written tests (English: comprehension of the written language, information technology: preparation of basic ECDL modules, technical-scientific: basic technical drawing notions, materials, mechanics, electronics/electrotechnics) and a motivational interview. The written tests are the same for all the ITS MAKER courses and are prepared by a commission of experts in the sectors.
No particular texts are recommended, so it is advisable to consult manuals for the two year courses of the Technical Institute (concerning both mechanics and electrics/electronics/automation).


Download the pdf file of the 2015 ITS course admission test:

  1. Computer skills test 2015
  2. English test 2015
  3. Technical test 2015