When can I enroll?

The official call for the admission test is usually published in Spring. It is possible to register until the beginning of October. The on-line PRE-ENROLMENT form, if available, counts as a registration for the test, unless you request otherwise. The admission test usually takes place in mid-October, while the program starts by 30 October.

Are there any texts I can use to prepare for the exam?

The admission test assesses the candidate’s logical, reasoning and motivational skills. To prepare for the exam, we recommend that candidates use standard secondary-school texts, in particular for Physics, Sciences and Applied Technologies. Also for technical drawing it is possible to use the textbook on Technology and Drawing, with reference to lines and orthogonal projections.

If I don’t hold a technical diploma, can I enroll in an ITS MAKER course?

Yes, the only requirement is a secondary-school diploma, not necessarily a technical one. The induction period of all our courses offers refresher programs to help you to get the basic knowledge and practical skills to follow the program you have chosen.

What is the timetable? How is teaching scheduled?

Lessons are held during daytime and last between 4 and 8 hours a day during classes and labs; during educational internships they follow the company working hours. The timetable is regularly provided by ITS MAKER staff and depends on the availability of technical teachers, who are mainly employed professionals. Summer vacations last approximately one month

Are there any assessment tests during the course or at the end of the first year?

Yes, some periodic tests are held to assess the students’ progress in learning. There is no exam between the first and the second year, but each student gets an assessment profile, which must be positive in order for students to be admitted to the final exam.

How do learning experiences abroad take place?

ITS MAKER periodically offers learning experiences abroad, by taking part in curriculum internships in European companies, or in extra-curriculum projects. Opportunities vary every year.

Can I work while following an ITS MAKER program?

Yes, the course is available to working students as well. But classes are held during daytime and attendance is compulsory for 80% of total hours, it is clearly not compatible with a demanding, full-time job. Lab activities in particular demand regular attendance and great commitment.

Is the final diploma acknowledged officially?

Yes, of course.
ITS MAKER’s diploma is acknowledged nationally and on a European level. It allows you to work anywhere in the European Union.

UNIVERSITY: are credits acknowledged after an ITS MAKER course?

Yes, Italian Law 107/15 (and following changes) states that ITS diplomas should be worth 40 University Training Credits upon enrolment in a university. In fact, not all university offices behave consistently. For this reason ITS MAKER has set up specific agreements with some standard and vocational BSc courses to ensure a definite acknowledgement of a larger number of credits that were obtained during our programs. More agreements are being set up with other universities. Please contact us for specific information about the course you are interested in.

I passed some exams at university: are they acknowledged as credits for ITS MAKER?

Yes, it is usually possible to have previous university credits acknowledged, as long as they are consistent with the chosen program. We have set up specific agreements with universities in the region so that credits are acknowledged and students admitted to the 2nd year of ITS MAKER courses (40 credits minimum), according to specific rules, which are stated in our calls. Please contact us for more information and to know more about specific requirements.

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